How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

by Fraivn

So, you want a pet Fox and you don’t know how to tame it? I was once in the same boat, but first, you need to know where to find one. Because I wasted days in my Minecraft world trying to find a cute little fox to be my friend. Foxes are supposed to be found in just Taiga biomes, however, you might find one that has wandered into nearby terrain. A few ways to describe a Taiga biome are by the tall Spruce trees. There are some other variations most notably is the snowy taiga biome.

Why Can’t I Find a Fox in Minecraft?

While Foxes may be one of the more difficult friendly creatures you may find. There are still ways to maximize your chances of finding one. Like I said above they’re typically found in Taiga biomes. But because of their nocturnal instincts, you’ll have the best chance of finding a Fox during the night. These are the two main factors to look for when finding a Fox to be your friend.

Can You Tame a Fox in Minecraft?

Convincing a Fox to be one of your pets is actually easier than you’d think. To begin your going to have to find two Foxes. Then, you start by breeding the two Foxes. This is done by feeding each Fox sweet berries. The Fox offspring will automatically be tamed. Which means the baby Fox is yours. However, the baby Fox will still follow its parents. This means your going to need a lead with you to bring the Fox home with you.

Are Foxes Rare in Minecraft?

Foxes typically appear in packs of 2-4, with a 5% chance of them appearing as baby foxes. In Minecraft Foxes will have a 20% chance of spawning while holding items, this includes emeralds, rabbit foot, rabbit hide, egg, wheat, leather, or a feather – these are probably from their prey. This means there is a lower chance of finding a Fox. However there’s still a decent chance of finding one and not just one at least two Foxes curled up lying there.

Will a Tamed Minecraft Fox Runaway?

Once tamed a Fox won’t run away. In fact, they will do anything you tell them to really. They will follow you around anywhere you go. You make the Fox sit and the Fox will stay until made otherwise. A tamed Fox is like other pets in Minecraft. Like the wolf for example you right-click on one and it will sit and stay.

Minecraft can be a very fun game. For me its the unexpected adventures and the creative nature I can express. The ability to have a pet in Minecraft just makes it feel more like real life. An animal to care for and one that will protect in return. Also, in my opinion Foxes are the cutest pets you can tame. Sure the wolf is a close second. Yes, before the Fox came out the Wolf was a go to. But, what animal curls up on the ground and looks so cuddly. The Fox is the only one in Minecraft.

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