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The story ah?! Hi, I'm Matt, you can call me Fraivn if you would like. I created Minecraft Eden because of my joy in playing Minecraft and helping others. The intent for this site to do a few things. To find locate mods, mod packs, texture packs, etc... to teach whether it's with Redstone to really anything, and to be a community that is fair and one that helps each other.

The Newsletter?

Our Mission

My mission? My mission is to become the most popular website to go to when someone needs help when it comes to Minecraft. Becoming a hub for the community.

The Newsletter

Once more I am asking you to subscribe to the Newsletter. It brings great benefits like being in the know first and Newsletter only content. That and it's free so give it a try.

Minecraft Hoglin Update
Minecraft Hoglin Update

Contact Info

For some reason, you would like to contact us I promise if I did something wrong I meant no harm. Oh, I'm not in trouble I see how it is. Not, accusing me of thing wow mean of you. I'm just playing, all we have is an email for you to contact someone or something by.

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I don't remember having an address that I allowed anyone but myself self go to.

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Us contact@minecrafteden.com or Fraivn@minecrafteden.com. If you intend to send me spam or to inquire about the site specifically use contact@minecrafteden.com. For the use of contacting me personally for stuff like promos or even personal matters, use fraivn@minecrafteden.com.

Phone Support

Uh, no thanks, sorry I don't have time to offer phone support maybe one day if there's a real demand for it.