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Minecraft Modpacks

Having fun playing Minecraft is something I always have, but do you? Even though with the endless creativity with Vanilla sometimes it's not good enough. So, I turn to any mod pack I can find to spice up my in-game experience. You've got too many to choose from so I'm going to list my favorite modpacks to play in Minecraft here and then link them to a post that talks more about them.

Minecraft Updates and Snapshot News

Looking for the most accurate source for the latest Minecraft Updates and Snapshots. Mojang puts out Snapshots frequently why not learn about them just as fast. By clicking the learn more button it will bring you to a page that will briefly mention all the updates and snapshot which is updated once a new one is released. If you want to learn everything about each snapshot or update there are corresponding links for each on the other page.

Looking for Minecraft Texturepacks

So below are the top 3 most popular Texturepacks. With Texturepacks you make the game look more interesting and possibly funny as well. Whatever look your going for you can get. Texture packs can change the whole feel of the game. Sometimes when I load up the game I have to turn on a Texturepack to feel more creative.
Like I said, below I'm going to list the 3 most popular Texturepacks to use in Minecraft. If you want to learn more about any of them just click on the text.

Faithful Texturepack


John Smith Legacy Texturepack

John Smith Legacy

Sphax PureBD Craft Texturepack

PureBD Craft

Minecraft Videos

Below you can find all of the Minecraft videos posted by my friends and me. We post anything like goofy random videos to Minecraft Update news, or even playing some modpacks. There are times where we have done some Vanilla Survival Lets' Plays. Don't let us fool you we may have 8 years of playing Minecraft under our belt, yet we still have no idea what we are doing.

Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Mods

Like I have stated before, sometimes Minecraft Vanilla gets stale. Adding some Mods to the game could add the adventure you are looking for. There are many mods out there to add to Minecraft. You don't have to find them because I have already. After you hit that button you will be sent to a page that has a brief synopsis of every mod I find and links to more details on them.

Minecraft Servers

We all know the most used option in Minecraft is its multiplayer feature, whether it's LAN or on a Server, everyone enjoys sharing the fun with others! The best part about Minecraft Servers is the different Mini Games. There's a decent amount of them like Survival Games, Block Hunt, Prison and so many more! There are even Servers dedicated to just Prison alone. Whatever Mini-Game you like to play in Minecraft there's a server for it. For a lot of players, Servers are the most important part of Minecraft for them. So, don't waste your time looking all over the web to find a new server to play on, that's why I took the time to find them. Below you can find ways to figure which Minecraft Server you going to plan on next!

Survival Games Server

Survival Games is what started it all. The hype for it when it first came out was way more than any other mini-game ever. Most who played enjoyed it whether it was in teams or alone. Depending on the server it makes the whole feel for the game.

Bed Wars

Bed Wars another mini-game that in my opinion brings close to the same amount of hype as Survival Games. Can be played solo or with teams. Bedwars is just as competitive if not more than Survival Games. Another mini-game that brings the best out of Minecraft players. Just one more mini-game to add to the list of many that is a must play in Minecraft.


This mini-game was one I personally enjoyed, but never got into. Prison for a while there was one of the more popular mini-games to play. When comes to mini-games to play in Minecraft there have always been many and not were good. But, Prison is great. The game has a lot to offer by making your way through prison by mining different ores and upgrading your tools and armor.

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